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The Server of Tomorrow! Is Online??

With over 2,000 players we have an amazing community who are always willing to show newbies around and give them a helping hand.
We have Survival & Creative worlds as well as MiniGames for those who want an extra dimension added into Minecraft.




Play Minecraft the way it was designed...
Log in, collect some resources and then get started on your house before night falls!
Jump in and build a superstructure, create an artwork or design a masterpiece with Creative mode.
MiniGames will LAUNCH SOON with:
Hunger Games & Wave Survival

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Bukkit Plugins

5th Dimension Server:
Plugin Dev Server:
Get involved and have your say in what goes on! Sign up on our forum and take part in important server decisions.
McNerd Plays:
Gaming Let's Plays and more!

5th Dimension Crafting:
Our official server channel...
McNerd also makes Bukkit Plugins, to view the plugins released Visit Bukkit Dev