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Our Minecraft server has seen over 5,000 players join since it started in 2010!

Unfortunatley the FreezeMC server is offline for the moment.

We have always aimed to create a server where anyone is welcome and free to play as they please.
Although there were a few rules in place to keep things fair and enjoyable for everyone...
This area of the site is for those few nostalgic players who like to remember the good old days of 'The Castle Kingdom', 'FreezeMC' or '5th Dimension Crafting' as we have been known over the years!

About the server

There were 4 main worlds players could enter on the server;
Spawn - A peaceful place, with stunning builds created by 'Plutouthere'
Survival - Where you could play, build and defend from the oncoming monsters in the Survival mode.
Creative - Unlimted blocks and the ability to fly in the Creative mode.
MiniGames - Fun and quick games which never had chance to be played before we went offline!

The Ranks

 Higher ranks also kept all the commands of lower ranks
 All ranks also had /survival, /creative, /spawn & /minigames

1 - Beginner

2 - Advanced

  • /sethome - Sets a 'Home' in each world
  • /home - Teleports you to your 'Home'
  • /tp <player> - Teleports you to players with tp enabled
  • /warp <warpname> - Warp to a set location
  • /goto <x> <z> - Teleport to co-ordinates
  • /back - Return to place of death
  • /tp enable & /tp disable - Allow/Deny lower ranks teleporting to you
  • /setwarp <warpname> - Set warp locations
  • /msg <player> <message> - Send private messages
  • /info <player> - View info about a player

3 - Pro

4 - Donator (I & II)

  • /fly - Enable flying while in survival mode
  • /spawnmob horse/pig/cow/sheep/chicken/wolf - Spawns a mob of that type
  • /tp <player1> <player2> - Teleport two lower rank players to each other
  • /time day & /time night - Sets the time
  • /nick <nickname> - Sets your nickname
 Tier I & II commands are below. Tier II commands have '(II)' after the description
  • /god - Protects you from taking damage for a short while
  • /kick <player> - Kick the player from the server
  • /fix - Repair the item in your hand
  • /heal - Replenishes your hunger and health
  • /more - Gives you a full stack of the item in your hand (II)
  • /vanish - Makes you invisible (II)
  • /smite <player> - Halve that players health (II)

5 - Moderator

  • WorldGuard - Create/Edit/Remove protections
  • WorldEdit - Limited to change 200 blocks per action
  • /promote & /demote <player> - fairly self-explanatory me thinks...
  • /ban <player> <reason> - again self-explanatory...
  • /unban <player> - take a guess...
  • /delwarp <warpname> - Remove an existing warp
  • /speed <speed> - Set your flying speed from 1-4